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Attorneys-at-Law Muukkonen & Soikkeli Oy Privacy Policy

5 May 2018

Attorneys-at-Law Muukkonen & Soikkeli collects and processes personal data in order to establish, maintain and take care of relations with clients and other regular activities of a law firm. The legal basis for the processing is either a contract between the data subject and the controller, legal obligations of the controller or the legitimate interest of the controller.

The personal data is collected directly from the data subject or in certain occasions from the public authorities of the Republic of Finland, such as the courts or tax officials.

The personal data in the care of Attorneys-at-Law Muukkonen & Soikkeli Oy will only be used in the purposes described in this privacy policy. Due to the nature of the activities conducted by the controller, certain personal data might be disclosed to public authorities or otherwise used to fulfil legal obligations of the controller. Any personal data will never be used for marketing purposes and will never be disclosed to anyone for any purpose not described in this privacy policy. Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union.

All personal data is stored in a safe location for as long as necessary to fulfil any legal obligations the controller is subject to or for as long as there is a client relationship with the data subject. Personal data will be deleted, once the need for their storage ends.

Data subjects have the right to access any personal data held by the controller, and to have any incorrect data rectified. Once Attorneys-at-Law Muukkonen & Soikkeli Oy receives a written request for access, the data will be delivered in a written or electronic form within 30 days. It is worth noting that because of legal obligations the controller is subject to, the delivery of all information held may not be possible. The data subject might also not be able to exercise their right to be forgotten because of certain legal obligations.

Data subjects have the right to complain to the Data Protection Ombudsman about the actions of Attorneys-at-Law Muukkonen & Soikkeli Oy.

The contact information is:

The Data Protection Ombudsman
Ratapihantie 9
00520 Helsinki